Promise Me We Will Always Be Wild

Promise me we will always be wild, running barefoot in the dirt, wind messing our hair, sun freckling our skin. That we will free our inner savage, and embrace our beautiful flaws and blemishes.

Promise me we will always be bold, living lively, fiercely and colourfully. That we will smile often and be silly. That we will dare to escape the societal mold, and float everywhere but mainstream. That we will always be courageous enough to listen to our heart and live the life we always imagined.

Promise me we will always be spontaneous, avoiding schedules that make us rush, breaking routine that makes time fly. That we will never be trapped in familiarity and comfort, becoming creatures of habits living a boringly predictable life. Because life is much more interesting when we experience the unexpected.

Promise me we will always be authentic, revealing our unlimited self in all our rawness and realness. That we will always live a uniquely crafted life, choosing experiences over things, finding the positive in the negative, discovering beauty in what people dismiss.

Promise me we will always be vulnerable, daring to take off our mask and emotionally expose ourselves. Because it takes courage to be imperfect, to let go of who we think we should be and to become who we really are. There is a stunning beauty in vulnerability.

Promise me we will always be kind, with an open-mind and compassionate heart. That we will always cherish unity and interconnectedness of all life. Everyone has a story, and everyone has something unique and beautiful to give.

Promise me we will always be adventurous.  That we will break ground into new experiences and seek novelty. Because adventures make us come alive. After all, life is made to be an adventure.

Promise me we will always honour our fears, embracing the feeling of the unknown. Because if there are no fears, there is no adventure. And really, life is much more adventurous the moment you add uncertainty and fear to it.

Promise me we will always love. That we will forgive and let go of things. Because we know we make mistakes too. Life is much more beautiful where there is love.

Promise me we will always wander to places we’ve never been, near and far. That we will get lost often in beautiful places so we don’t forget who we are.

Promise me we will always chase our wildest dreams with eyes wide open. That we will never stop on believing in our potential and never question our capabilities. Because we are here once and what we do matters. So let’s live the life of our dreams!

Promise me we will always be wild, jumping feet first into the world, adventures messing our routines, experiences freckling our memories. That we will free our wilderlust, and embrace our beautiful mess. Promise me we will always inspire others to fully live their one wild life, so we never become extinct.

8 thoughts on “Promise Me We Will Always Be Wild

  1. I love! 😉 Will you visit me in India while I’m there for 3 months this upcoming Fall/Winter, after my 3 weeks kitesurfing trip to Brazil in September!? 😉 Ton texte me rejoint beaucoup….xxx

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