Whistler’s Pro Photographer Showdown: An Invitation to Inspiration

Last night I assisted to the Pro Photographer Showdown, a celebration of action sport photography hosted during the annual Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 4.49.05 PM.png

I don’t go out in my town much anymore. The ski town is filled with seasonals and faces keep changing, making it hard to keep track of the crowds who seem to only get younger. I ventured to a pub prior to the show only to be surrounded by 19 year olds, intoxicated at only 8 at night. I don’t blame them. I’ve been there too. This town has always been a good time.

I’ve had my party days. They were wild, greasy, not always so pretty. I’m not saying I don’t party anymore but I don’t celebrate my nights the same ways as I used to back in those days. Instead of going clubbing underground, I like to adventure to remote places, tucked in the wilderness, with dogs and friends. Gourmet foods are cooking, good wine is flowing, meaningful chats are having… Throw in there a bonfire, a lake, a few white-capped mountains and starry sky and those are the best nights a girl could have. It’s quite nice and rewarding to be older in this town.

So I don’t go out much in the village anymore. But if there is one night that I can’t fail to skip is the Pro Photographer Showdown. It became an annual ritual that I never missed in the 14 years I’ve lived here. There is something about that night that I can’t resist:  It’s that gathering of old G’s back together to celebrate mountain culture. A room filled with familiar faces and old friends, all individuals equipped with talent, passion and artistry. It’s that energy in the room that lifts you off the ground, fuelling your adventure soul, motivating you to get out there and push the limits of your creativity.  A night to remind myself why I chose to live here in the first place.

“The Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown is an awe-inspiring celebration of the craft of action sports photography, bringing together some of the world’s best to share some of their all-time favourite images capturing sport, culture and the human spirit. Regarded by many as one of the preeminent action sports photography events in the world, over the years the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown has seen some of the top action sport and lifestyle photographers in the game battle it out on stage, each vying for the title of Best in Show. 2018 will be no different, with four invited photographers, plus one wild card entry, bringing their best to the World Ski & Snowboard Festival and sharing their skill, devotion and unfailing passion.”

Whistler is a part of who I have become, and has shaped me into this adventure seeker and outdoor lover that I am today. This place has taught me a lot and has really had an impact on my life. Even if I am slowly moving forward, this ski town, specifically on that special night, still finds a way to amaze and inspire me. 

The Pro Photographer Showdown is a night where we, all long-term and newer locals, come together as one and share a bond like no other. We gather to express our gratitude for our ski town, our love for the outdoors, our passion for adventure and our admiration and support for our inspiring and talented community. From artists, athletes, photographers and filmmakers, to adrenaline junkies, travellers, adventure seekers and dream chasers, there’s something about that night that bring us all together and remind us why, after all those years, we still remain near by. As the town expands and time evolves, we still thrive as a tight knit community, and deep inside still are and will always be, Whistlerites.

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