Sportfishing in the Cayman Islands

It was a gloomy morning in Grand Cayman, and the tarmac was still wet from the rain that heavily poured the previous night. We grabbed a quick breakfast at a coffee shop in Camana Bay, awaiting impatiently 8 o’clock to arrive. At the dock, Captain Jon, owner of Slackem Charters, and his First Mate Peri welcomed us aboard… More

A Caribbean Tale: the End of a Great Chapter

August 29th, 2012: I left a piece of sand. I left behind my island jeep, my snorkeling gears, my oceanfront condo full of stories. I left my friends. I left my life in the Caribbean. From working solid hours to diving everyday, to swimming to the reef in my front yard, to cruising around the… More

Living Young

The rich and famous life on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, Cayman Islands.

Vacationing and Island Hopping Part II: US Virgin Islands

Our 20 seat aircraft put wheels down on the deserted landing of St-Thomas’ only airport. Our friend greets us as we step down the stairs of the small plane. Sebastian is a friend we met in Grand Cayman. He moved to St-Thomas after he was offered a very attractive position within the Marriott hotels. As… More

US Virgin Islands

Photographs taken in the US Virgin Islands. Read the full story: Vacationing and Island Hopping Part II: US Virgin Islands.

Vacationing and Island Hopping Part I: Enchanted by Puerto Rico

After living on the pancake island of Grand Cayman for the past 15 months, I am starving for mountainous sceneries, elevation sensation and ocean curls. And might as well take the advantage of my current living location to explore the surroundings. On the menu this month: island hop the Caribbean! GCM-ATL-SJU Puerto Rico is a… More

Puerto Rico

Photographs taken in Puerto Rico. Read the full story: Vacationing and Island Hopping Part 1: Enchanted by Puerto Rico.

Island Life: A Year in the Making

I got here on a 4th of July. Like many islanders I came here to search for a new light, try to brighten up on some points in my life, try to escape the mold; try to create life experiences; try to build a new chapter of my own. This whole experience was never planned.… More

When Does It Start to Feel Like Home?

So when does it start to feel like home? Is it by the number of pairs of shoes that you collect in your condo’s entrance? Or with the number of swimwear that accumulates on your towel rack? Or is it by the repetitive salutations of acquaintances that you encounter at the grocery store, local pub… More

The Return to the Rock

Coming back to the Cayman Islands wasn’t easy. I missed home as soon as I left the Whistler grounds. It was snowing pure white snow. The village was awaking to another epic day on the mountains. I said farewells to my dear friends and off on a plane. I left with pain and fear of… More

Careful What You Wish For

Dreamy lounging bed at Tikki Beach Several times in my younger years I was wondering how my life would have been if my parents were rich: taking the family on an annual holiday to Florida, Mexico, or Barbados, or perhaps Dad would have a kickass offer with his growing business employer and we would have… More

Dog Days Are Over

8 weeks, 10 bottles of wine, 37 take outs, 20 pounds and too-many-I-cannot-count island highballs; waking up with cereal in my hair after a night of too many Jagerbombs; retarded nights at O’Bar, nO’Bar, where’s my hO’me Bar; messy room, moldy clothes, parking view. That’s it. Over this. I didn’t come here to rewind 10… More

Live the Moment

-While I was devouring a piece of sushi with one hand and sipping a glass of Chardonnay with the other, a Puerto Rican tourist man approached me at Karma Restaurant and Lounge‘s tapas bar asking: -So, I ask everyone I meet, by curiosity, where they are from and what they do here on this island of the… More

Longing For Home

When I turned 19 and graduated from college, I left a boyfriend and friends at home, packed a bag and left on the unknown roads of life. With an objective of creating new experiences, meeting new friends, facing new challenges, I was faced with a blank page to fill with stories and memories. With no… More

An Island Getaway

I left the white snowcapped mountains of the Canadian West Coast and migrated South on an island of the Caribbean. I left altitude and met sea level, left black bears and squirrels to meet tropical birds and lizards, left a heart at home and brought a soul on the road. First Impressions Like the Whistler… More

Shaking hands with Grand Cayman Island

July 4th, 2011. 29ºC, feels like 41. Partly sunny. 11:54am (Eastern Time Zone UTC-GMT -5).Welcome to Grand Cayman Island! I got off the plane and landed foot on a hot and humid land. The sweater that protected me against the horrible air conditioning of the airports is no longer needed. I stepped in line at… More


I have travelled many roads, lived many adventures, encountered many dangers and experienced great moments. But from all the travels that I have done, the biggest one is, for me, yet to come. I will store my life in Whistler and pack my bags for a 5 month work journey in the Caribbean… this time,… More