Central America

Nicaraguan Surf & Sun

I was sitting in a dark and quiet street of San Salvador at 3:45 in the morning, waiting for the 5am bus coming from Mexico. Just me and my friend and a bunch of fellow backpackers filling out immigration papers, left in the empty streets of a big city in the middle of the night. Gotta love adventures!…


Photographs taken in Nicaragua. Read the full post: Nicaraguan Surf & Sun.

Living Like a Local in El Salvador

The  night bus from Flores to Guatemala City was cold and uncomfortable. AC blowing and cramped seats made it impossible to sleep. We made it to the city at 5am where we transferred by taxi to another bus terminal. The streets were already busy with working chapins who got ready for another long day of…


Photographs taken in Guatemala. Read the full story: Land of the Maya in Guatemala.

Land of the Maya in Guatemala

Guatemala is home to 2 mountain ranges, a multitude of rivers, tropical jungles, lakes and 33 volcanoes (3 still active). The country offers a rich and distinctive culture due to a millennium of Mayan civilization and 3 centuries of Spanish colonial rule. Along with the diverse history, the economy, politics, crafts, architecture, natural beauty of the…


Photographs taken in Belize. Read the full story: Simply unBELIZEable.

Simply unBELIZEable

YVR-LAX-IAH-BZE I naively thought that with all those years of travelling I somewhat got immune to the traveller’s bug. Well apparently not: I got poisoned in my own country with some old Chinese food that was surviving the day in the chaffers at the airport’s food court. It was a battle of all travels, between…

El Salvador

Photographs taken in El Salvador. Read the full story: Living Like a Local in El Salvador. And watch the video: Enamored With El Salvador.