A Wild Ride

We left Agra (home of the beautiful Taj Mahal) at 10pm for a 15 hours train ride to Gorakpur. A long journey with the indian railways, we were glad we chose the 3rd class instead of the sleeper class. Arrived in Gorakpur, we transfer to a local bus (budget option) to make our way to the Nepalese border. A horrible sweaty, packed and absolutely annoying honking 4 hour ride. Exhausted from our 20 hour trip to the border, we arrived in Sunauli where we clear customs and enter Nepal. Not quite there yet. We jump on an other local bus, a 9 hour drive to final destination, Katmandu. We had no idea that we were about to step in the most memorable ride of our lives. Everything was supposed to go smoothly until the engine broke. Being the only english speaking in the bus, we had no idea of the next steps. We followed people outside, jumped on the roof of the bus to get our bags, then wait. And wait. And wait. We waited for about 2 hours in the darkest night of Nepal, with 40 Nepalis, in the middle of an empty road. Few buses drove by, but all full. Finally, one stopped and seemed like our fellows were rushing to it. Riot in front of the entrance. People climbing in the windows. We were the last one to get in, with our bags, stucked in the stairs of the bus. No more room. Really: no more room. We squeezed ourselves on the floor of the bus, tight between others stucked on the ground, amongst pee and sweat running down the alley… for 10 hours! On top of that, music playing all night! Definitely the worst ride of my life. We arrived slowly but surely and safely in Kathmandu. What a ride!


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