The End of the Road


There I stood, feet soaking in the confluence of 3 seas, at the land’s end of the country, at the tip of my indian journey.

Kanyakumari is a small simple village located at the South tip of India. It is situated at the junction of the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. They say that for most people travelling to the tip, is the end of a self-discovery journey, a feeling of accomplishment. 

We tramped the Sub Continent from the North border, down to the end. We travelled hundreds of kilometers through the Indian roads learning about people, their culture and their every day life. We got taught the colonial influences on the cities and its people. We’ve seen poverty, richness, and the difference between the castes. Weunderstood that for some there is hope, but for most, there is none. We’ve seen hundreds of homeless, orphans, beggars, disabled pan-handlers (I saw a leper man with nothing else than bones sticking out his stubs). We saw chaos, overcrowdedness, disorder and injustice. We’ve seen a world that needs to be saved.

But despite that dark cloud that floats over India, there is, somehow, the goods. Like the beautiful beaches lined by palm trees on each coasts. Like the amazing constructions of historic and contemporary temple architecture. Like the love for the diverse religions. Like all the delicious food cooked with fresh ingredients. Like the pride of the citizens for their national sport: cricket. Like all the timid smiles on each faces.

So here I am, at the tip of the country, facing the 3 seas. This is the end of a journey of reflection and understanding, of admiration and compassion. Thank you India for making this trip the most highlighted of all.


Now it is vacation time. Follow me on my next blog in Sri Lanka.

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