Dog Days Are Over

8 weeks, 10 bottles of wine, 37 take outs, 20 pounds and too-many-I-cannot-count island highballs; waking up with cereal in my hair after a night of too many Jagerbombs; retarded nights at O’Bar, nO’Bar, where’s my hO’me Bar; messy room, moldy clothes, parking view. That’s it. Over this. I didn’t come here to rewind 10 years younger. I’m 27 now and I need to focus on what I came here to do. and I won’t find what I am looking for if I keep acting like a teenage girl. Mature up honey.

Don’t get me wrong. I had a good time. Felt like I was in college again, flying free and wide. No one to tell me what to do, no one to boss me around. No obligation, no responsibility, just to show up to work and pay the rent on time. 

Enjoying my ONE day off

Work, sleep, eat, drink, rest. I surely did a whole lot of that. No wonder why I got that 20 pounds of extra chunk in the trunk. Being part of the service industry implore late social nights. A drink after work to cool down. And after working 6 days straight every week, comes my fabulous day off and its thirst. Time to let loose and fool and put stories on the wall. And, as I need to make friends, what better way then to spend money and time on some food and wine, perhaps a lot of wine (do I drink too much?).

But come on. I didn’t come here to party my life away. I came here with the intentions to grow up and learn more about stuff. Finally get to do things on my own. I have a list of things I need to do to make the most out of this experience and I can’t leave this island without completing it. Better start checking some points!

Breakfast on my balcony

Welcome to you September with your wisdom! 2 months of adaptation is more than enough. After living in a moldy and filthy filtered AC room that gave me the nasty cough for 2 weeks, I managed to find the perfect unit by the beach. Call it luck, I call it the fruit of determination and hard work. I got what I wanted, once again! Jo (ex co-worker from Whistler that got the same job offer) is arriving this month and will be sharing with me this beautiful 2bed/2bath condo. Good timing right? I will now have a fridge that I will stock with fresh organic food and start cooking again! Read the news in the morning at the beach with my new roommate, a familiar face. Have a glass of Pino Grigio after work on my balcony and watch the moon rises over the sea. Go to my yoga class at the studio next door. Have a swim in early mornings in the waters of my fantasy backyard. Study my Advanced Open Water manual with a frozen margarita at the swim up bar. Ya Man!

It really took time to adapt and to decide whether or not I want to make this place a part of mine. Different crowd, different air, different vibe. But now that I left those rookie days behind, am enlarging my network of relationships and am leaning towards healthier habits for body and mind, I consider the whole thing again and am thinking… hey, island life for a bit, why not, eh!

Admiring sunset at home

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