Time to Be Jolly


It is that time of the year again to put our hideous winter sweaters on and raise our sparkling glass to cheer to love, joy and peace at last. Christmas is just around the corner and I am so excited as it is my favorite time of the year. The mountains are thick and white, the air is cold and crisp, the houses are warm and cozy. The tree is fully decorated and illuminated, presents are already stacked up underneath it and the smell of spices, oranges and chocolate just flow through the air.

Coffee Bailey’s, Powder Days, Apres Ski, Snowmobiles

Holidays can run forever, or until you are out of your 26oz bottle of Bailey’s to put in your coffee in the morning. It is a time to get together and be jolly. Grab a cup of coffee, spike it with some love, put on your gears and reach the mountains. Along with your best pals, ride all day on the most untouched terrain. Powder days are usually abundant at this time and fresh runs are always found. Apres ski at one of the best patios in town, perhaps order a Caesar and munch on some delicious nachos. Come back home and soak in a hot tub for the lucky ones, or if you have pooches like I do, take a walk through the park or take your ross-country skis for a ride or even your snowshoes. I usually make sure I have a batch of home made mulled wine or spiced rum apple cider ready to reheat and put in a thermos. If it is your day off perhaps you want to bring the snowmobiles to one of the cabins in the backcountry and spend the night away in the mountains. Snack on cheese fondue and toast the bread on the wood oven. You can hear the snow melt on the roof as the hut gets warmer. If the lake is ready to go (and make sure it is), put on a pair of skates and go for a spin. Fireworks are also always fun to bring to the cabin.

Christmas Eve Dinner: A Classic Whistler Family Feast

As a tradition that runs in most of our families back home, we decide to keep it going and cook a massive feast ready for midnight on Christmas Eve. Cooking homemade food, delicious and savory recipes for 20. As much work as it seems, I just simply love it! While in the kitchen, mixing flavors and ingredients, sipping on wine and Christmas cocktails with a girlfriend, the boys play cards and video games

and the dogs are passed out on the living room carpet. Living in Whistler make us all far away from our families every Christmas. We all left 5,10, 15 years ago. This is our family now. We are family. And moments like this are simply unique and priceless.

After devouring a gourmet feast, it is time to open the presents that are waiting impatiently under the tree.Like big kids we dig in our treats, proud and happy of showing our new toys and accessories. The rigodons paired with the wines and cocktails invite us to sing and dance as the night flies to early hours of the morning.

The ladies
The gentlemen 

We eat, we drink, we dance, we celebrate. We laugh, we cry, we love. What a beautiful night. What a beautiful scene. What a beautiful family I have.

From East to West Coast, from islands to mountains, from big cities to far countries, from white sand beaches to powdered hills, I wish you all Happy Holidays and I hope you all get what you need. As for me, I surely did. And it wasn’t a watch nor a car, neither a raise at work or an envelop filled with dollars, but it was the friends and love and the genuine spirit of Christmas.


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