Festival de la Galette Sarrasin

Québécois love their poutine. But they also love their buckwheat.


The buckwheat made its way to Québec during the first colonization, principally by the Bretons. During this time, the buckwheat flour was used to make crepes, and was accompanied with baked beans, molasses and a glass of p’tit caribou It became a popular meal rich in protein for lumberjacks and hommes des bois.

Every year in October, Louiseville welcomes everyone to join its autumn festivities. This rooted folk tradition is a popular family event where cultural and social activities galore.

Here you can discover the local culture with a folklore ambiance, and taste the richness of the fresh produce from Québec, made with passion and essentially, love.


You are welcome to bring your camping chairs, motorbikes, grandmas/grandpas, kids and pooches, and spend the day savouring homemade concoctions that the Québécois proudly have to offer.

Bon appétit!

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