50 Sings You Are a Passionate Traveller

1. You keep thinking about the next adventure

2. Your Christmas cards are postcards

3. You never miss out on an opportunity

4. You have friends from all around the world

5. You are constantly planning, sometimes for trips you’ll never take

6. Money isn’t essential, experiences are

7. You spend more money abroad but when home, you shop at local stores

8. On your smartphones you have apps such as XE, Kayak, and What’s App

9. Your biggest collections are your passport stamps and flight stubs

10. You know greetings in many languages

11. Your Bucket List is 95% country related

12. Your permanent address is either your parents’ house or your best friends’

13. You speak more than one languages, or know how to get by

14. When someone asks you how many countries you went to, you need more than 2 hands to count

15. Your stories involve a country you have visited

16. There is no bad experiences

17. You master the art of packing light and tight

18. You met someone special each country you’ve been

19. If your friends invite you to join them at an all-inclusive resort, you might tag along. But you extend your stay of a few more weeks, then rent a car and experience the local life

20. You have at least one very romantic story abroad

21. You have couched surfed, floor surfed, airport seat surfed: you can basically sleep anywhere

22. Your jewelries comes from all around the world

23. You respect cultures, customs and religions

24. When it comes to food, bring it on. You most likely have tried something less desirable

25. Your home decoration consists of maps, photographs and souvenirs of your travels

26. You are a master at washing your laundry by hand

27. You have re-used dirty underwear before. And you might do it again

28. A hot shower and a flushing toilet are luxury

29. People come to you to ask travel tips and advices

30. What scare you the most are the things that excite you the most

31. You need to connect with nature daily

32. Your credit card statement is a travel story 

33. You are emotional when it’s time to get rid of that pair of flip flops you travelled with this past trip

34. You are compassionate and find meaning in giving your time to others

35. You name the airports by their codes

36. You are a pro at clearing airport security

37. There’s no such thing as getting lost

38. A night under 5 billion stars appeals you more than a 5 star hotel

39. You enjoy the crowded places, but find refuge in open spaces

40. Your phone has many different time zones, and your weather network shows different cities

41. You can’t imagine staying in the same place all your life

42. You rather own little and see the world

43. You hesitate in lending a book because it has that smell of the country you read it in

44. You prefer to give than receive

45. You are grateful for what you have

46. You believe that home is wherever or whoever with you want to be

47. Deep down you know that you will never be free of your wanderlust

48. You constantly daydream of your next destination

49. You understand that it is all about the journey and the people you meet along the way

50. You never really feel at home, because you have left your heart in many places

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