RV Living: I Bought A Trailer

The insurance lady handled back the papers to me: “Congratulations! You are officially the owner of a trailer.” I looked at her, a most satisfied smile spreading from my face to my whole body. She had no idea what this meant to me.

After living predominantly in the beautiful resort town of Whistler for the past 12 years, it was time for a change. This small town has done amazingly for me during all those years: incredible nature hiking trails, quiet lakes, immense snowboarding terrain, tight community, inspiring people. But things have started to develop: The town has grown into becoming one of the most popular four season resorts in the world, hosting millions of visitors every year. Not only the village, the town and the hills are busier, but the trails are crowded, the lakes populated and the secret spots no so secret anymore. I get it. This is how resorts work. If it wasn’t for tourism, this town wouldn’t be what it is today… That’s what we wanted right?

This past summer was the busiest season in Whistler’s history. Of course that’s great, for businesses and for employees to bank on some good money. But the labour shortage brought exhaustion to locals stretching crazy hours and loosing sanity. This labour shortage was, in part, a result of a lack of accommodation. With more and more outsiders buying properties, and Internet platforms such as AirBnB attracting money hungry investors, it left Whistler with barely any accommodation to rent for long-term tenants. And for the lucky ones that found a roof, they could expect to pay 70% of their income just on rent. With a labour shortage, laughable steep rent, and more tourists to cater to, a 10+ hour day, 7 days a week schedule wasn’t surprising to hear. We don’t live in this beautiful town solely to work: we are here to live an experience. How can we do so in such circumstances?

A couple months ago, I received an email from my landlord. They told me that the house was sold and I had a month and a half to move. When I was advised, I was assured I would be able to finish the 7 remaining months on my lease. But the new owners didn’t want tenants, and rather do a nightly rental business with the place. I guess when you buy a million dollar home you do whatever you want, even if it is to dump people in the houseless streets just before winter. It is the second time this year this happened to me. I am a mature and professional adult, and a clean and quiet tenant with great references. That was it: I was done with landlords. I was done with their unbelievable restrictions, greediness and paucity of compassion. I was ready to have my own place, but I wasn’t financially ready for Whistler’s outlandish real estate.

So I bought a trailer.


Stay tuned as I live the RV life and share my experiences with you!

14 thoughts on “RV Living: I Bought A Trailer

      1. Yeah that sounds about right. RV Parks and campgrounds are also for short periods of time, as you don’t live there permanently but rather stay for sometimes longer term. I guess it’s like a parking lot: you just need to move your vehicle once in while 😉

  1. Haha, you are living in my old trailer at the RV park. Worth every penny. Screw the mortgage, pay the pad fee, live in the greatest place in whistler. Nice move bro. I’d still be there if a lucrative career in Toronto didn’t present itself. After 15 years in Whis, I grew bitter at its direction.

    1. I’m sure you were here during some of the best times! Whistler is such a great place with so much to offer, and I am glad I moved not to far from all its amazing playground. I don’t think I got your trailer, purchased mine in Burnaby a month ago from the original owner that bought it in Alberta. Probably similar though 😉 Enjoy your new adventure in Toronto! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. We are thinking about buying a trailer and slowly downsizing and eventually moving into it. I had the same thing happen to us. Our previous landlord gave us a month for us to move. Mind you we were a family of six. We were not aware that he had not been paying the mortgage and the bank was taking over. So it was a stressful few weeks for us. We survived but never again. I always told my hubby that we needed a trailer. Something to call home in case of an emergency. I don’t ever want to go through that again. So this is the year that we are investing in a trailer. Yayy. Good luck on your happy trails.

    1. Hi Rosie,

      I am sorry to hear that you and your family had such a short notice to move. It is indeed very stressful and frustrating when something like this happens, but unfortunately, it seems like it happens quite often, especially in the town where I live. Buying a trailer was the best decision I have ever made. It is definitely an adventure on its own, but once you get to know all the little tricks, it is such a fun living. Downsizing wasn’t really easy, since we decided to not rent storage and really live with the essential. But it felt so good to donate things we didn’t need and live light and simply. And we got used pretty quick to the compact life (2 adults, 2 dogs). Now we live the winter days in our warm and cozy trailer, and our backyard could not have been more beautiful (the dogs are loving all the open space and trails). We are excited for summer to come and take it for a trip, or maybe find another backyard. It feels great to finally own something, and not being committed to one place. It also feels great to own less, and live more. I wish you and your family a great adventure with the trailer. You’ll love it I’m sure 🙂

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