Would You Dare to Live a Simple Life?

We spend our lives on the hunt, searching for happiness to fulfill the void. We live for paychecks that will allow us to purchase the things that make us look good to the eyes of others, distracting us from the things that are essentially important around us. It is a delusional craving for ‘’normality’’, trying to fit in a template that society created. But really, self-indulgence and excess consumption doesn’t satisfy this longing for meaning. Contrary, it creates an addiction of wanting more, an insatiable desire of always looking better, because we came to believe that looking successful is the key to happiness.
Since our young age, we have been influenced by mainstream media and social system. Society is a mould that forms and shapes our opinons and behaviours. It is a structure that we are taught to follow in order to “fit in”. It is hard to believe that we aren’t puppets of society, while people strive for a 6-figure income, a luxurious home in a popular neighbourhood, 3 cars parked in the garage and a wardrobe filled with fast-fashion clothes. It’s inevitable to think that there is something so attractive about the American Dream, this perfect and predictable life captured into Ikea frames hung in the staircase. We need this. Because they told us so.
We are zombies of our virtual world and live a life of filters that embellish our reality. We are dogs that salivate at the sound of our ringtone or the buzz of a notification. We live for this intangible reality, interrupting us to live the moment that is passing in front of us.
By believing that our human identity is defined by the things we own, rather then by the things we do and believe, we over consume and hide our true self behind materialistic things that have absolutely no value. Then we feel lost. We feel unhappy. We feel a void. So we buy more.
The core of the human existence is consciousness. Once we realize what we don’t need, we start minimizing. And once we get rid of all the overflow of unnecessities that cluster our hearts, our minds and our spaces, we start feeling free. And we start living.
We become aware that moments are more valuable than things. And most importantly, spending time with the people we love offers a greater sense of satisfaction and meaning than any materialistic belongings. We come to understand that life doesn’t have to be complicated. Maybe the little things are enough. Maybe what we have is enough. We are enough.
There is something extraordinary about living a simple life. Do you dare to try?

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