RV Redo

After spending 5 years in our initial trailer, we finally upgraded to a more spacious, leak free home on wheels.

We painted the walls, stripped a few unnecessary things, and added our decorations.

It didn’t take much to create our own perfect little space.

Having space to cook, craft, workout, and dance (we had a dance party our first night), being able to do our laundry at home with integrated washer/drier, and having longer hot showers make a world of difference. A luxurious difference.

With a little bit of imagination and creativity (okay, and maybe a bit of Pinterest), you can create the home (or the life) you have always imagined.

Money helps for certain things (like it did help to get this new roof over our heads), but if you learn how to reuse, up-cycle, shop local, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and if you take the time to invest your heart and your mind into creating your little (and big) dreams, you can accomplish anything.

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