The Blues of a White Day


The mountain opens today. The most important day of the year in Whistler. A day expected by all, where skis and snowboards are tuned up, where playlists are created, where kids are geared up for months, in shape, eager and more than ready to play. Crazy passionnates camp at the base of the hill before the day light breaks and the tail of the line grows like Pinocchio’s nose as the sun rises over the virgin mountains.

As of me, I am standing at the end of the line. Miles away on a piece of earth detached from home. I opened my curtains early this morning only to realize that I was so far away. It hurts. I feel homesick again. This special day of the year where everybody gathers together and share the newborn particles of winter. There’s no reason to miss it. Nothing can get in the way. You wake up early and do it. And I can’t let go of the fact that I put distance in the way of such a day. I hate the easy availability of information on Facebook that shows me all these comments and pictures of what I miss. I hate missing out on things and this one is by far the hardest to swallow. Call me warped mind, call me overly analytical, call me nostalgic, call me whatever you want, but the reality is that I suffer the distance and I can’t let go.

My pain probably goes beyond missing out on opening day. It spreads over missing my friends, missing my life of the past. I haven’t quite made this current place home. I am still uncertain of my mission on this piece of sand, even though there were reasons why I left. Adaptation is a long process and this branch of the tree hasn’t blossomed yet.

I feel the blues today, but I need to stay connected with my current reality and look at the beauties around me. I will make it through this storm and will find refuge in the present moment that I am in. I will open my curtains again and look outside. It’ll not be falling snow and there won’t be any mountains, but there’ll be a blue sea and a shiny sun ready for me to embrace.

Have fun Whistlerites, I am jealous like hell but hey, it is actually a nice day outside. So wherever you are, have a good one and enjoy every second of it!

Thank you Foster the People. This song was for today: Waste

One thought on “The Blues of a White Day

  1. Le pouvoir du moment présent inclut aussi d'accepter de plonger dans sa nostalgie.C'est donc le temps de méditer sur le tableau du corbeau immobile dans un terrain de jeu désert et enneigé.

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