Home for the Holidays


I left on a 4th  of July. Leaving a life of the past. A comfort zone that became too black and white.  A routine that got old.

I started a new chapter on an island, where the water is metallic blue and white is the sand.  A new climate, a new territory to explore and to ceaze.

Not so easy at first. You have to adapt, get comfortable, make new friends. It’s like starting fresh.  A new adventure where my own self is responsible for every failure, for every success.

5 months, 153 days and 5 full moons later, I am sitting in the Dallas airport on a chair between Cowboy fans and screaming child. Second transit. Waiting for flight 882 direction Vancouver: I am on my way home. A lady is calling her husband to announce her proximity to destination. A little girl is begging her father for a piece of donut. A couple with matching sweaters is reaching each other’s lungs with their tongues. As for me, I am sitting alone, with no phone, no Internet connection, no wallet with the miserable look on my face of the girl who lost her purse at the bar on her last night in town. Yup, that was Cayman for me. A whole lot of drinking, parties and juvenile moments. What will I say when I come home? Yes, I have a tan, but what else? A few extra pounds, an excessive thirst for alcohol and a bunch of drinking pictures and stories that made the hall of shame of Grand Cayman? I can’t do less but laugh at it. I guess I just got involved in the island life. Living young. Living wild. Not so different than the mountain life, isn’t it right? Nevertheless, I made a solid circle of friends, got to explore the underwater of the great Caribbean and got my paradise condo on the beach. To resume it all, I had a unique tropical exposure.

Now, it’s time to go home. I have thought of this moment for so long. Since I left the Canadian ground and found myself swimming in an ocean of mixed emotions. I felt homesick, but I gripped to the ground and fought the loneliness. Although I just started to build of new life in the Cayman Islands, I will pause the adventure and will go home for the holidays. I am nervous, excited, I just can’t wait to see my friends, my dogs, the mountains and feel the cold again!

I’m coming home. Only one flight away. 


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